Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back from Morocco

Hey, so I'm back! Actually I was back yesterday, but I was soo busy so I'm writing this post today. Anyway Morocco is the best vacation destination I've been to. People are soo nice there, even though they want to "be your friend" and do favors for you and later make you pay. It's their logic; they help, you pay for their job well-done. On the first day we asked for directions and the next thing we knew we got our own tour guide. People offer you soo many stuff, but we were so stubborn that by the 3rd day we knew all the directions we needed to know. Turns out that in Morocco there are allowed to sell fake channel or any other designer stuff. For instance when I went in one part of the market I saw my H&M jumper in a different color, but otherwise identical. They labeled the jumper as Marco Polo and you can buy it for 25 euro only!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey, so guess what. Very early tomorrow I'm going to Morocco. I hardly can wait, but as usual, I'm having trouble deciding what to take. I was told that shorts,tank top that reveal some skin and skirt are a "no-no". So I'm a bit worried, of course I will take tank tops, but I will just have to somehow hide as much skin I can. A travel guide said that at my age, it's appropriate to get married at that region, so I am going to have to choose my wardrobe carefully over wise I will look like I am looking for attention there.
So since it's only 4 days I thought of taking:
my jean jacket and as well a black cardigan
This top and my pink top

and this

My jeans, since I can't take shorts or skirt

couple of knick knacks 
I also have to choose between my treasures 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Learn from yesterday

here are the photos I promised <33

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Heyyy, so for me today was Great! Why? Well, I had a sleepover with Ardis. We did tons of stuff and she is AWESOME so I had a really good time with her. Here's a little preview:

The host herself <3