Friday, April 20, 2012

Yesterday I didn't blog, because I had the impression that I have 4 tests, when actually I had 2. So I spent a long-long time studying. I even woke up with the head from yesterday, but it might also be a new one. Today I also had to go jogging in the rain, true it wasn't the nicest experience, but I'm thankful I haven't got a cold. Anyway all that is left behind me and now I can enjoy my weekend.
Oh! I also got my computer back, it's ventilation system failed. So each time it got hot, it would turn off, but I just got the look of my old photos and i found a few you haven't seen so VOILA!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Secret of sales

Today isn't one of my best days. I had a lot going on, oh well. My sense of ironic humour is soo good that I usually find the good in a lot of sad situations. Even in this one! Anyway enough about my personal life. A long while ago I found these shorts that I find VERY cute on a sale that is an abomination, because a simple girl like me can find these shorts and get them for about 80% off, I could be a psycho and do horrible things to these shorts! I sometimes don't understand a few sales, especially on Yves Rocher, which I told was my fave store. Well, the reason for it is that, because I have the special card, they send me these sales where I can get something for free, completely free sometimes. I just have to show the card and the give me a product. When I walk out of that store I feel like I stole from them. You might be thinking that my point is to stop sales, but actually it is that; those sales might be super cheap, but they probably add more revenue price for the normal products. Beware!
These are the shorts

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Change of plans

So change of plans.. again. Today I was told I had to finish off the photoshoot, because the graphic artist (photoshop guy, the one that will make us be on a different background). So to my disappointment my brother wasn't feeling very well. I'm quite concerned, he isn't usually like that. So I'm going to the waterpark that was originally meant for Monday. Haha I'm curious if the will be another change of plans tomorrow.

Anyway, today I put some more make up than I do usually, with the goal to look natural.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hey, so right now I am very FULL. I ate too much of my cake. As I told you I made a traditional Latvian cheesecake for my mom and I didn't show it to you. I also didn't show you the flowers.

And I also haven't updated my lookbook for ages. Well, I have now:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey, right now I'm about an hour away from going to the dentist and I'm super nervous. Ok, you might be thinking why is a 15 year old girl nervous about going to the dentist? Well for some time I have been doing something utterly stupid that has been minimally affecting my teeth, but that is not what I'm nervous about; I have had a very very bad experience with anesthesia shots that in two of them the dentist made me feel like I was stabbed rather than given a shot.
Later we have guests. My brothers little girl-friend and her parents, lol. They are soo cute when they play and the best part (for my little brother) is that she lives right next to us, so everyday when I can't find my brother I know he is with her.

My outfit

Maybe the dentist won't be so bad after all. :)