Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey, right now I'm about an hour away from going to the dentist and I'm super nervous. Ok, you might be thinking why is a 15 year old girl nervous about going to the dentist? Well for some time I have been doing something utterly stupid that has been minimally affecting my teeth, but that is not what I'm nervous about; I have had a very very bad experience with anesthesia shots that in two of them the dentist made me feel like I was stabbed rather than given a shot.
Later we have guests. My brothers little girl-friend and her parents, lol. They are soo cute when they play and the best part (for my little brother) is that she lives right next to us, so everyday when I can't find my brother I know he is with her.

My outfit

Maybe the dentist won't be so bad after all. :)

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