Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Secret of sales

Today isn't one of my best days. I had a lot going on, oh well. My sense of ironic humour is soo good that I usually find the good in a lot of sad situations. Even in this one! Anyway enough about my personal life. A long while ago I found these shorts that I find VERY cute on a sale that is an abomination, because a simple girl like me can find these shorts and get them for about 80% off, I could be a psycho and do horrible things to these shorts! I sometimes don't understand a few sales, especially on Yves Rocher, which I told was my fave store. Well, the reason for it is that, because I have the special card, they send me these sales where I can get something for free, completely free sometimes. I just have to show the card and the give me a product. When I walk out of that store I feel like I stole from them. You might be thinking that my point is to stop sales, but actually it is that; those sales might be super cheap, but they probably add more revenue price for the normal products. Beware!
These are the shorts


  1. Great outfit :) i love your necklace

  2. Your look so fabulous girl, you are charming!!!

  3. You always look good in shorts or a short skirt, such lovely long and slim legs. Robert x