Tuesday, May 29, 2012


hey so I wanted to show you my new shorts!

SO I wanted lace shorts fpr a long-long time now that I have them I'm very satisfied and I can go to sleep with my mind in Peace 

Monday, May 28, 2012


So I just came back from running. Uggghhhh it feels soo bad when you're running, but as you get back you feel very satisfied, I have done this about 4 days now and each time it's the same. Anyway, here's one of my latest outfits.. :)

Haven't you noticed I smile more often now? Well, since I got my braces off I'm feeling a lot more confident and I love every second of it! :D

Monday, May 21, 2012

In the End, we will remember

Hey, so last time I told you about a picnic, eh? Well it turned out great, I had loads of fun. Right now I'm a bit scared about this Friday, because it's the last day of school for my sister.. sounds perfectly normal? Heh-no. In my school we have a tradition or should I say the graduates have a tradition were they throw food or water at everyone and that's if you're lucky, because last year I got shaving cream.
Ok, I'm trashing the 7th years now, it's actually not that bad, if you provoke them then you'll get the nastiest stuff, but sometimes they do chase after us, in first year of secondary I was terrified, this year I'm gonna try to be smart, maybe wear one of those disposable rain jackets or my worst clothes. There that's a plan! :D

On to the picnic! :D

Me and Emily <3

(from left to right) me, Ardis, Louise and Clara <3
we tried to use the self-timer hihi

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My old outfit

So I tried to make a post, this is what happened:

So guess how many times I tried make the post? Well this is the third, haha :)

Anyway remember that I have promised you to show my last outfit?

I look kinda weird there but I don't want to show you my later lookbook entry

Anyway soon I have to go to town with a friend <3 see ya!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Busy day

So today I have to write an early post, because im busy all day :)
First I'm meeting Louise maybe also Clara, I hope so! Afterwards I might meet a mystery friend, can you guess who it is?

On to my outfit (yesterday's)
My lolita bow

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Puppy love

What did I do in my 4 day long weekend? Well I hung out with friends, revised, did homework and got a job as an extra. It was cool I made new friends. Oh! Look at what I found in my closet:

The last time before yesterday that I wore these was when I was 11 or 10. Woah, that's like almost 5 years. It appears ladies and gentlemen that my feet are skrinking, my size was 39, but now Im 37.5

Oh well! I'm happy about finding my kicks a.k.a converse, but kicks for me sound soo much better!

My earings.. I just wanted to show you guys a photo, I'm so proud, because I'm scared of getting a belly piercing, what if I get it somehow stuck or somehow infected- Ouuhhh no thanks! Nose piercing-ew, I often get a cold in the winter. Lip piercings- how can you eat properly? Eyebrow piercings- Nope, it will make a bad impression for my goals.

So my solution was: stack up your ears with earrings! :D