Monday, May 21, 2012

In the End, we will remember

Hey, so last time I told you about a picnic, eh? Well it turned out great, I had loads of fun. Right now I'm a bit scared about this Friday, because it's the last day of school for my sister.. sounds perfectly normal? Heh-no. In my school we have a tradition or should I say the graduates have a tradition were they throw food or water at everyone and that's if you're lucky, because last year I got shaving cream.
Ok, I'm trashing the 7th years now, it's actually not that bad, if you provoke them then you'll get the nastiest stuff, but sometimes they do chase after us, in first year of secondary I was terrified, this year I'm gonna try to be smart, maybe wear one of those disposable rain jackets or my worst clothes. There that's a plan! :D

On to the picnic! :D

Me and Emily <3

(from left to right) me, Ardis, Louise and Clara <3
we tried to use the self-timer hihi

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