Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Puppy love

What did I do in my 4 day long weekend? Well I hung out with friends, revised, did homework and got a job as an extra. It was cool I made new friends. Oh! Look at what I found in my closet:

The last time before yesterday that I wore these was when I was 11 or 10. Woah, that's like almost 5 years. It appears ladies and gentlemen that my feet are skrinking, my size was 39, but now Im 37.5

Oh well! I'm happy about finding my kicks a.k.a converse, but kicks for me sound soo much better!

My earings.. I just wanted to show you guys a photo, I'm so proud, because I'm scared of getting a belly piercing, what if I get it somehow stuck or somehow infected- Ouuhhh no thanks! Nose piercing-ew, I often get a cold in the winter. Lip piercings- how can you eat properly? Eyebrow piercings- Nope, it will make a bad impression for my goals.

So my solution was: stack up your ears with earrings! :D

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  1. The earrings look cool and I love your smile too - your dimples always look so cute. R x