Monday, August 6, 2012


My worst nightmare came true.. NO WIFI!!!
Ok, fine not my worst nightmare, but one of the worst. Anyway I had loads of fun in Dundaga/Sikrags/Talsi and kinda Ventspils, I really thought we were gonna go there too, but I was misinformed.

On my way there eating blueberries <3 br="br">My fave berry btw :)

Her name is Puka
but in english you pronounce it "poo-ka"

My brother built this


  1. You are soo soo soo slim! But it's amazing and you look beautiful. :D Can I ask you about your weight and height?
    Love your blog. :*

    1. Thanks, today when I weighed myself I was 44.9kg and I'm 164cm

  2. The denim shorts have a hipster cut that is oooo flattering on you. The lace bikini looks Greaaaat too <333 I think you should get some more bikinis in bright colours so that you can have alternatives to match your mood. R x

  3. You lool really pretty but are you on a diet right now? If you are STOP!! Sorry but it starts to look TO booney
    You could be way prettier