Thursday, August 23, 2012

Calorie bomb

Hey, so lately I lost A LOT of weight, I went from 45.1kg to 42.6kg in 3 days!! Anyway I haven't had a very good relationship with it and I'm struggling, but today I when I couldn't go to town unless I brought my brother to the cinema I ate:
8 Latvian sweets
50ml Yogurt
A soup spoon of musli
Ice cream
and a giant frozen yogurt

Haha I used to eat very healthy, I promise! Today I found this new place called YOYO, it's a frozen yogurt place where you can make you own frozen yogurt, and it doesn't matter what flavor or how many topping. You pay by its mass!! So it's cheaper

See its on weighing scales

Mine looks quite disgusting haha
but I put natural flavor yogurt
strawberry flavor yogurt
chocolate flavor
banana flavor
nut topping
chocolate topping
white chocolate topping
chocolate bar topping

So this was my attempt to gain weight.


  1. The frozen yoghurt looks really yummy but a bit sweet maybe. If you need to put on some more weight Pizzas can help with that :) R x

  2. actually no sweets and junk food will help you to gain weight, start to think about healthy and balanced food, it really works! well, anyway seems that you spent great time in your country. good luck!

  3. it looks so delicious... mmm.. (: