Saturday, August 25, 2012

Natural look

Lately I have found this look that suits me for everything and it's this simple make up do.

step 1. Moisturize 
Unfortunately that day I didn't get a good night sleep

Step 2: use concealer and fix the blemishes on your skin, unless you're like me and really don't like having your face covered in lots of make up.

After that take a light shade of eye shadow 
apply it all the way up to your eyebrows, make sure it's just a little bit lighter than your skin tone

Take an eye shadow tone that slightly darker than your skin tone

apply right in the middle, right above your eye lid

So that it looks like this

Add some eyeliner and some mascara, don't add too much layers of mascara because that makes it less natural, but it still looks pretty even if you put a little too much mascara

there you go!
if you want your lips to look fuller, you can put some lipstick although its easier just to put some lip balm, it can't be noticed but yet helps


  1. thanks, i will try! ( :

  2. I like the way you do your make up. It is subtle and sophisticated and so not overdone like some do it. R x

  3. I like the way you do your make up. It is subtle and sophisticated. You don't overdo it like some.