Saturday, August 18, 2012

Neon sailor

Guess what is it! It's Rigas.. Party(?). Ok, I guess you can say celebration. Anyway I should have gone there yesterday, because then you could go to Krastmala (translation: Bankside), but today the celebration was in the center of Vecriga.

My outfit :)
today I wanted to try mixing styles
Sailor+Neon= Voila!
This is why I didn't buy anything, there were crowds everywhere, surprisingly the least crowded place was the souvenir store

Awesome car :D

Awesome people having a nap

The usual knicknacks

There was a medieval fashion show in Galerija Centrs 

When I was walking over the zebra lines this man in that car randomly took a photo of me, so I took on of him standing in a car 

My little, 7 year old brother took these photos of me, he definitely wowed me with his skills, I remember when he was 5 and I asked him to take photos of me, he took ones without my right arm or feet. But now he's super good at it :D

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  1. Your bro does take great photos. You look good in the neon green shorts and shades....kinda cool ;-) R x