Monday, August 20, 2012


Met a monk!

Went to a castle

My little brother as usual got a bunch of knicknacks
he calls this one red diamonds, although it's amber or maybe even plastic

It says: "don't feed the artist and don't piss him off"

So yes, he was a sand artist, i actually really dislike sand, because it gets in my shoes and on my fingers 

There was a sand table where you could do your own little artwork, so I did a dragon. Do you like it?

I also went to this HUGE cave, I asked my parents if we could go wallclimbing, I looove wallclimbing and they actually said yeah, but next week. SOO looking forward to that.

Gigantic swings :D

Another one of my brother suveniers 

At another museum. My dad said that he worked here for a summer job, having to dig up stuff.

I also went to this scary tower with really bad lighting, but they had a bad lighting because it was a war tower and lot of windows wouldn't be exactly safe..

Saw these guys, this one's my favourite

Didn't exactly know what to do in the photo


  1. I think your long legs will make you good at wall climbing. You look really nice with your hair tied back and a cute smile. R x

  2. I imagine that a monk does not have much fun in life. :(