Saturday, September 1, 2012

A little different

Today I wanted to go to town, until I found out that I'll be the photographer for my mom's friend, so I thought: "ok, how long would it take?". It took about 3-4 hours (with breaks) and I'm writing this in between a break :)
Don't get me wrong, I actually like feeling all "photographer", although I'm no tallented saint. Anyway I also got some photos done, but since my sister wasn't taking photos of me, I wasn't shy about it and felt like having fun photos done instead of the usual "outfit photos".

Ok, at this point the photographer said "no, don't change, I liked the meditating", so I meditated 

And yep, we're done for now
hopefully I'll get my yoyo frozen yogurt tomorrow 
Photographer: Linda Gille

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  1. I like your hair loose and free. Also the paisley design on your top. Did you know that it originally came from Persia (Iran)and was often hand woven in Kashmir, India?