Friday, September 28, 2012

Awesome day

Hello, today I had a very hard-hard day, where I had to study even in the breaks, meaning lunch, 15 minute break and sometimes even small 5 minute breaks. AHHH!! After school I had a nice time though :)
And this is why
Ok, not because of this photo.

Bahhh I love her outfit

Ardis got a new hat and I got a little attached

Ida'd hair OMG :O

Someone (not me) is planning to dye something galaxy *.*

Livia tried my hat and she looks GOOD!

OH YEAH! Smoojo :D

Livia's birthday present from Ardis :D

Ida super pretty and nice hair *.*
hair commercial in 3..2..1


  1. Just love you in that hat. Reminds me of dancers in Berlin theatres. (*) x x

  2. your friends style :O and you of course ;)

  3. Your friend alwayshas the same.. Maybe time to change a bit? All ways the baggy streetbstylelook thingy. I woukd kove to give this make over to her and then let her pose different than akways that face
    Loooveee looooveee loooveeeeee that sweat my very BIG LIKE *.*