Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to school

Hey so today I had to go back to school. It's kind of weird for me, because I still think that tomorrow I'll sleep until noon and go to the beach or something like that. Anyway today I finished school, got my my stuff and met up with Yasmine :)

In Latvia this is how you celebrate going back to school

They have parades, tell you more stuff about important careers for example law enforcement, I actually got this photo from there, the policemen let me try his hat although it looks funny on me :)

They also encourage after school activities especially sports

But I'm only explaining about 30% of what and why they do this, sorry but I was busy eating frozen yogurt YUMMM!!!

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  1. The climbing wall looks fun. People with a good head for heights and long legs and arms must be good at that. :) (*) x