Saturday, September 15, 2012

New boots

Today I went to town as usual. I remember I told I was looking for combat boots.. well I found them!!!!!!
But.. I also found other shoes I tried on haha

My uber pretty friend Guusje
1st pair, just for fun. Have you ever thought how Gaga could walk in them
When I had trouble standing in them

I thought of buying one of them, my favourite was the green one

I wasn't sure

So I got these, if you're wondering where I got this photo and why I'm late in blogging today, it's because me and Issy had a photoshoot, you should be expecting the post about that tomorrow ;)


  1. Wow *.* love your friend specially her eyes! She's really photogenic or you are just great in taking pictures ;) you should take a few more of her would like to see more! and loveee loveee loveeeeee your new shoes awsome! Gaga shoes asswell !

  2. I think you chose the right boots, although they will be harder to keep clean that the others. (*) x

  3. nav tik traki!:) un