Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello, today it's was raining quite a lot, but I was hoping for a photoshoot with Emily, so we did a rain-shoot. :)

The window in H&M was open.. 

And I just love exploring haha

Because walking is too mainstream


  1. Haha you badass! Your hair looks amazinh with yhe light *.* emilie has the : im not wearing makeup today fuck of look haha! That vrings me to this point how do you do that it looks like ur not wearing any makeup but you dont have the ugly face as emilie has

  2. Nice post! And I love emily's leggings/jeans(?) :O <3
    Btw, I can remember you told us in one quite old post you would show us your lux closet and i'm soo curious about that :p