Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Part 3

Helllllllllo, yesterday I said I would post part 3, but.... I DIDN'T D: !!!!! SORRY :(
Gosh lately I've been super busy
 40 percent time spent on school stuff
30 percent friends
20 percent family
5 percent making dinner
5 percent free time to do something for myself

Believe it or not but I spend the 5 percent on blogging and putting hair masks on haha. Lately I don't even have time to do my nails and by lately I mean last 3 days.. Still counts! My nails break like that :O

I'm not angry in the photo, I tried to do soo many photo types and I tried to look "fierce", well that worked out fine (!?)
This time the location was the Philharmonie, I really don't like it that soo many people take photos there, so we tried to do out best to hide it.

And we're done :D
I hope you liked it :D :D :D <3


  1. Awesome photos and love your outfit(s)! x

  2. wow! really nice pics! i would say - the best photoshoot till now.

  3. I like the way the photos of you both contrast with the light and geometric lines of the buildings architecture. It gives a sophisticated and professional look. (*)x x

  4. b e a u t i f u l l . <33

  5. Ur friend I gone 0.0 What happend? Answer pleeeeaasee :D x

  6. Replies
    1. sorry, thanks for reminding me to answer, because when comments are moderated i don't always check to which post. it's nice that you care xxx
      anyway friends come and go and the real friends stay, currently i know about 5% of all my friend who are REAL friends and will be there when I am married and living in a different country. Ardis, Emily and Josh <3
      lots of my other friends seem like that too, but i learned my lesson from all my ex-bffs, ironic bff mean best friends forever haha xxx

    2. wow oke :) that are not the 10 friends u listed ;) i feel ba for you that friendships end :( but thats life.. it sucks about brigita the pictures showed that you were really good friends apperantly not it seemd the same with this girl (in this photoshoot) dont remember her name :s is that still one one of your good friens ? is emily the girl with the crazy fucking awesome leggings/pants? dont see her a lot in pictures :D

    3. Feel bd that im asking but answer? :) xx

    4. Nonono the thing is I don't know which friends to name, because at my age lots of people have LOTS of friends and then when you get older you find out which ones are the closest, the girl in the photoshoot is also a good friend ;)