Sunday, December 30, 2012

Old look

Hello! Today, I've been quite busy cleaning up my mess. Meaning my closet. I buy clothes irresponsibly, well not anymore, but I did and now I have to clean up my mess and sell my clothes. In case you go to my school (European school of Luxembourg) and you're in the group ESL; go and see my tens of things I sell. I'm even selling dr denims!

So this is my outfit from some time ago and judging by the sunglasses it could be spring. Well, that was this month actually.


  1. wooooow, your style is imroving so much meldra, you're always wearing such pretty clothes! maaan i wish i was as skinny as you :( anyways, the glasses really made the look come together and it's reaaally prettyy!

  2. your hair seems so much healthier, congratz:D

  3. ļoti patīk šis outfits :)))