Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tried and tested

Hello! Today, I did something I thought I'd never do.. I tried fake lashes. I personally don't recommend them:
1. People ask you a lot if they're fake.
2. Makes you feel fake.
3. Very uncomfortable.
4. Hard to put on (at least it was for me!)
5. If you agree with all the above, then it's a waste of money, but otherwise it's OK.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to get over rough days

Hello! Yesterday was quite a rough day for personal reasons, but you shouldn't let it get you down. I'm going to be honest, I'm not always standing these rules that I made up a second ago, but I think they are quite good.

1. Face the truth and feel sorry for yourself.

2. Treat yourself. Warning: don't treat yourself with fattening things (and I can clearly see my frozen yogurt has oreos, but it's still better than candy or chocolate bars.)

3. Go outside and look at the environment. Notice your surroundings and look at homeless people to remind yourself that you are being over reactive, perhaps give them some change, staring is not polite.

5. Think carefully- is that really worth the stress?

6. No! It is not worth you wasting time by feeling bad about yourself.

7. Get over it and smile!

8. Try your best to relax or be silly.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Another present

Hello! Today, school could have gone better, I was fine with the lessons, but I'm concerned about some of my friends. In fourth year, for some it's quite nice, but others it's only pressure. I'll lying if I said I'm one of the ones that find it easy. I get good marks, but it's a challenge to keep them up. There are quite many students that find school pressuring, but of course they are hiding behind a smiling mask. I try my best to help my friends, but those smiling masks aren't helping, so if you need to talk about anything and I mean anything. It could even be about how someone took your last gum. Even little things like that. As I was saying, school could have been better in that department, but I'm very happy about my late birthday present I got today!

Sorry for the quality. I'm not sure if you noticed, but for the past 3 months, I've been working out, although now I only started it more intensely. On this photo I probably still look like I'm starved out or wearing clothes that don't fit me. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hello! For my birthday I got so many gifts and I'm so grateful! I got mostly things from Lush and Sephora. I have a feeling there was a gifter pact. Just kidding. Anyway I prefer showers, but since I got all the bath presents I feel like having baths all the time. My last one was yesterday and I feel like having one now, again. I'm also under great pressure. I have schoolwork, friends to take care of, my room needs to be tidied after the party and I need to improve my body, I want to make it stronger with a bit more muscle. Therefore a relaxing bath come in handy. Thank you! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sweet 16 party

Hello! I couldn't decide what type of party I was having, so I had them all! I had a birthday dinner, going out and slumber party. I called them "stages" at the first stage to the last, my guests one by one went home. So it was much more relaxing than having everyone leave at the same time and then feel awkward. Sadly I only have photos from stage three, when the guests dropped from 12-14 to 4. The going out however was so nice, I felt at ease. No worries, I'm 16. I wanted to get all the things I couldn't buy before, but I didn't because I don't smoke or drink a lot. I only taste if offered or take a low volume cocktail. I got sang to about 3-4 times that day. At one song they gave me a candle and I made a wish for it to relight, I don't know how, but it in fact DID relight. I bet that a lot of people thought it was staged, but may I say.. it was epic. I got home safely and tortured my way through a chick flick movie at stage 3, the slumber party. By tortured my way through, I meant that I went to sleep at 03:00, I sometimes do that, even on a school night. If I can't sleep I do things, I sometimes lift weights, watch a documentary or research the food industry. Somehow this time staying up to 03:00 was a challenge.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hello! Today was quite OK  until I came to reality that people are so fragile. We want to believe everyone is so damn happy, but it's not true. Behind that happy and brave face lies our true emotion, so everyone, that means you also. You should tell people all the good things about them that come up in your mind. You'll do them good. They'll be happy and so will you. I love telling people how great they are and that they are beautiful and lovely. I want people to feel welcome. I had some deep talks with my friends and almost half of them admitted to feeling sad and unwelcome. People are fragile.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

16 at last!

Hello! Today was wonderful! Today exactly at 0:00 I got my very first "happy birthday". I also spent 3 and a half hours at Elipse gym and may I say, it was wonderful! I spent 1 and a half hour training and the rest was in the spa, because it's not only a gym, it has 3 different type of saunas and one Jacuzzi  That may seem very little, but there are about 3-8 customers at once. I got invited to do a shoot with the equipment, but I'm not sure if I'll even go, due to the lack of information about it. Anyway I've got 3 gyms left to try out! Not sure if I'll manage. I feel a bit guilty, because I'm about to eat cake and I already ate spaghetti-twice, sauce and salad. All the effort- wasted. Not! I feel reborn. My back doesn't hurt and I feel tired in a very pleasurable way. I feel good.

The great betrayal of my 1 and a half hour of workout!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last day at 15 with combats and socks

Hello! Tomorrow, it's my birthday! I'll go to try out elipse tomorrow, hopefully. I'll phone them today. I'll also go shopping for my party on Friday. If you know me and we're friends, please ask me about the party, because I already forgot to invite some guests and I think I invited the last of them today, but I'm not sure. Other than that, when I was sleeping I had an amazing dream, that I shortly forgot of later, but I remember combats and socks, so I turned that into an outfit!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Iphone covers

Hello! Recently, I paid much more attention to decorating my phone. I'm quit worried about it falling, so I love the covers. I don't want to spend a lot of money on them. Ironically, one of the most well-know clothing stores sell some covers for 5-8 euro. Incredibly cheap! Somehow no one suspected it to be from that store. A lot of people thought I ordered them online or get them in an apple store for an overprice.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Facebook profile photo

Hello! I have a little problem. I want a new facebook profile photo, but I'm extremely picky about these things. It took me a month to choose my current one. I'm actually serious. 

I miss this hat. I think that hats or any accessory striking enough is essential for a look. Otherwise you'd be like me a few years ago, looking at a closet full of clothes and thinking: "I have nothing to wear!"

Accessories are a very important factor in an outfit. I'll be honest. I don't wear accessories every time I go out of the house to meet someone, but accessories make life easier, without them my outfit would consist of jeans and my top.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Turtles are awesome

Hello! Today I woke up at 7:30, because I went to work. After that I met up with Yasmine and went to Smoojo, I have been wondering about a summer job there; I need to make a CV. Help! Please. I felt proud about todays pay, so I treated myself with the best frozen yogurt I've ever ate, ever better than the gorgeous Latvian ones. I guess kiwi, banana and white chocolate go together quite well!

 On my way to Yasmins we saw this gate. Seems legit.

She kind of reminds me of my sister in this photo.

Her turtles are awesome and can high five each other!

I found out I like lolipops :D

The turtle dance!