Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adventure time with Meldra and Caroline

Hello! Today, I met up with an old friend who I haven't hung out for a while and I'm absolutely glad I did that! I had lots of fun, I also got to have a nice walk, talk about life and see pretty part of Luxembourg other than designer stores, where I'm never going to buy things from. I also got to see random things I thought I'd never find! In conclusion it was a great day!

Ladies and gentlmen, I decided to stop curling my hair for a while, simply because I no longer care if it's fluffy. My fluffy hair make me more unique, some people may say they're dry, but why should I care if I like my hair? And a better question is why should you care?

Anyway I'm quite happy, because tomorrow I have my first day as a English teacher and hopefully I make a good impression. If you have any tips for educating children, let me know :)

The Grund, in my opinion, it's a great place. Lately I prefer walks than cafes or shopping, which is very unlike me, but I just don't like crowds. Ironically the next images are of stores.

We went to a random hat store and I like hats, although I don't wear them as much! On my way out I found this manequin which slightly scares me, but you don't see them everyday, hopefully!

Then we went to domino- another random store selling the most useful things.

I'm sure this is very useful!

I always thought this was a long lost legend- but no! A mankini actually exists.

A can crusher next to the beer-opening hammers, very useful indeed!

This is just pretty!


  1. omg the color of your nail polisssh is perfect <3 I hope you've had a great day! xx

  2. Your hair looks great Meldra, take no notice of the gainsayers. R x