Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My sweet jojos

Hello! Today, I went to town with Guusje and she was kind enough to take photos of me. Thank you Guusje! First of all, in town I saw some awesome stickers today.

I am not a vegan, I am a vegeterian, who eats fish, some people call them pescaterians, but I call myself vegeterian, because most people do. No hate please, I know this subject is very controversial, but still.

For those who don't know what capitalism is: Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private property, including private ownership of the means of production. 
I got this fromm wikepedia and capitalism isn't bad at all, except it can get out of hand.

This is not my happiest day of life, I just like to be happy generally!

Now a sad look.

These are my favourite shoes ever! I'm even wearing them now as I'm writing. I called them Jojos, don't know why.

Remember the nail DIY kit I showed you yesterday that I got from my sister? Well, I tried it out! It looks OK, but I should have put a top coat on, because the little balls are falling off.

Guusjes hair bun, I love messy hairdos! They look great and are fairly easy to make! Teach me, please.


  1. Great boots for the winter with that wool look lining. :) R x

  2. Love your blog but....
    Vegetarians DO NOT eat fish. Go to ANY vegetarian restaurant and show me where fish is on the menu. Eating fish goes against the vegetarian philosophy of NOT EATING ANIMALS. bugs me when I see people eating chicken or fish and they call themselves vegetarian, completely missing the point.

    1. Very true indeed! My philosophy is that I'm growing and after getting in trouble with my doctors who demand me eating more protein and omega3 I eat fish, but I still call myself vegeterian,because I eat fish but not meat. You may call me pescaterian if you wish, but I'll still call myself vegeterian since I'm used to being called that. It's similar to someone telling me off about my nickname or so.

  3. You just say you like capitalism because you are not on the side of the poor/needy ones and you have good living conditions. Open your mind Meldra!

    Gaby Oliveira.