Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New sweater

Hello, lovely blog readers! Sales have come. Since I've been doing economics in school; I started to be more sensible with money. You probably think that it's stupid to buy things on sale, since they make you buy things you don't want. With me that happened a lot. A few days ago I cleaned up my room and I was convinced I needed to get rid of it all, because a stack of clothes, a stack which is twice the amount of clothes you actually wear. Don't get me started on make up. Now I have my own sales, but currently I need more motivation to sell them. Today, I was in a supermarket and I walked past H&M, they had many sales, where you would buy thing you don't want. Well, I found a sweater I wanted, but didn't buy because it was prison bright orange. Well, I found one in black. I wanted to buy it immediately, but then I looked at the price tag and it's on sale! I'm very satisfied now.


  1. Black is always cool I think and you can wear it with most other colours too, so it is a good capsule piece. R x

  2. hahah,yees! I think we should only buy the things we really want, and not everything which is on sale. But you're sweater is greeaat! I'd buy it too (: xx