Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hello! Today was quite OK  until I came to reality that people are so fragile. We want to believe everyone is so damn happy, but it's not true. Behind that happy and brave face lies our true emotion, so everyone, that means you also. You should tell people all the good things about them that come up in your mind. You'll do them good. They'll be happy and so will you. I love telling people how great they are and that they are beautiful and lovely. I want people to feel welcome. I had some deep talks with my friends and almost half of them admitted to feeling sad and unwelcome. People are fragile.


  1. You are lovely, Meldra, I am sure about this. We don't know each other, however I would want so. You seem wonderful!

  2. I think people are especially fragile during the transition between childhood and adulthood, but most people grow in confidence about themselves as they meet and overcome the challenges of life. It is nice that you support those with doubts. R x