Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sweet 16 party

Hello! I couldn't decide what type of party I was having, so I had them all! I had a birthday dinner, going out and slumber party. I called them "stages" at the first stage to the last, my guests one by one went home. So it was much more relaxing than having everyone leave at the same time and then feel awkward. Sadly I only have photos from stage three, when the guests dropped from 12-14 to 4. The going out however was so nice, I felt at ease. No worries, I'm 16. I wanted to get all the things I couldn't buy before, but I didn't because I don't smoke or drink a lot. I only taste if offered or take a low volume cocktail. I got sang to about 3-4 times that day. At one song they gave me a candle and I made a wish for it to relight, I don't know how, but it in fact DID relight. I bet that a lot of people thought it was staged, but may I say.. it was epic. I got home safely and tortured my way through a chick flick movie at stage 3, the slumber party. By tortured my way through, I meant that I went to sleep at 03:00, I sometimes do that, even on a school night. If I can't sleep I do things, I sometimes lift weights, watch a documentary or research the food industry. Somehow this time staying up to 03:00 was a challenge.


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  1. To have 3 parties in one seems like a typically clever 'Melly idea' and you look like you had fun. I hope that you had pressies from your dogs too. R x