Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I got for Christmas and new years

Hello! I just want to let you know that I'm soo happy and grateful for all my presents. Not everyone celebrates Christmas or even new year. Some people in other religions don't celebrate what they usually would celebrate, so it's a blessing we all at least got to celebrate!

I got my first Dr Martens!

A swarovski (?) ring that fits me perfectly and that I'm in-love with.

My sister got me this DIY nail art kit and I'm very eager to try it! Yesterday I found out that I quite like glitter and sparkly things as accessories or for nails, so this is perfect.

This was the most unexpected gift. I don't really work with palettes, until now because I really love this one.

It has lots of varieties. Yesterday night I got the sparkly dark green and dark blue. For me that's very risky, but now I know that having your face in one colour is pretty, but it doesn't hurt to spice it up!

Some more jewerly. I just realised that I've got lots of necklaces from this particular brand, so I might put the charms all on one necklace string (?).

Let's not forget my brothers epic envelope full of surprises!


  1. The necklace looks great and the sparkly stuff will be good for nights out especially :D Robert x

  2. Tas, kā tavs brālis ir iesaiņojis dāvanu, ir tik mīlīgi. Forši, ka arī viņš vēlējās tevi iepriecināt. :)

  3. brāļa dāvanas iepakojums ir vienkārši fantastiko! tiiik mīļi!