Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yves Rocher rebound

 Hello! Today I wanted to buy extrabold skinny jeans. I was disappointed. They are probably never have them on sale- I asked. Anyway I was quite sad about that, so I remembered a gift card, where I get something random for free if I go to a store. I once got an excelent mascara worth 18.50 euro and I felt like I robbed the store, because it was a perfect deal. This time it was different, because I got.. pens. Oh well! Free right? I saw amazing sales on the display table and I could resist myself.

Ok, first of all I bought 8 things including the bag for 18.50 euro. 18.50/8=2.3125, that's how much I paid on average for each thing and the perfume I bought only raised the price, otherwise it would be 1.64 euro for each thing on average.

I got all this, some things may look phoney or weird, but it's all about the scent. I love vanilla mixed with fruity scents.

My outfit for today.

Tried it and loved, apart from the opening plastic. I hated that. Now it looks ugly.

Tadaa! The tearing part was stuck to normal cover, so it ripped. Oh! Looks like I have to go and make dinner. Have a nice evening everyone!


  1. omg I have some of the same stuff! haha (:


  2. Man tā vienmēr gadās ar Yves Rocher lūpu balzāmiem, proti, nesanāk normāli attaisīt. :D

  3. I like vanilla and fruit frangrance too...it is really quite alluring. R x