Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fairy make up

Hello! Today, since almost everything in Lux is closed on Sundays I decided to tidy my room, well excavate it, I want it perfect, the way an OCD person would have it. It took me an hour to one drawer and two shelves. I even polished them with disinfectants. I love things being very tidy, but I can't manage to keep it up. I found my old make up. A moment of regret. However, I did find sparkles and I felt like trying them on, then I thought I should do Maybelline gel eyeliner and some shades from my Urban Decay vice palette.

Profile photo on facebook? Yes/No?


  1. I think your eyes look beautiful without the sparkles and to me they look like an unnecessary extra. That said, the photo would make a nice profile view for Facebook and has a kind of 60s hippy chick vibe to it. R x

  2. maybe no, because you have many, many, many more beautiful picture than this one (: