Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glory of the Canaria

Aloha! I know I'm not in Hawai, but it's so warm, that I managed to get a mini sun burn, which was thought to be impossible, since I have an awesome skin type which can be terribly pale and go terribly dark by tanning without any sun burn, but I was wrong. The sun burn is barely noticeably, so It's fine. 

I went to the reception and asked about a gym. Turns out they have a gym open from 08:00-20:00 for free!


  1. You look great in the bikini, but I think you should go for bolder colours like red and blue, as well as black. You would look totally awesome in a red bikini with white spots, try one and see! The gym will tone you into a R x

  2. hahaha you are so luck! - unless because the sun burn D:

    xoxo Gabi.