Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy days

Hello! Today, is just another very happy day! I just want to laugh for no reason. Not everything is good of course, but it could be much worse and I finally realized that, which makes me appreciate thing much more. Also a new person came into my life that I really care about and that makes me very happy and giggly. You know who you are ;)
I also managed to shop insane today, but I feel like shopping some more as time passes and then making a haul video.

A late birthday present! Thank you Yasmine.

One of my todays buys.


  1. you look so happy, could it be that you have a boyfriend? :D

  2. Name of this special person??? Please... :D

  3. Great to see you looking so happy and giggly. That must be why I have no email replies! R x