Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello everyone! I just love Saturdays! I'm very upset the school split though, because me and my quite close friend, Christine are separated and many of my other friends. For those who don't know, my school had too many students, so they made another school in Mamer. They probably had many other reasons, but I still miss my friends.

Guess who! Oh nevermind. I forgot mentioned Christine already.

She's got the cutest things ever, from face, hair, clothes to phone covers.

I went to the gym today and burned 400kcal. I'm so happy about that, except that when I was done I looked half dead. I really like going to the gym, lately I feel stronger and my back pain is cured! Well, my scoliosis isn't cured, but it doesn't cause any pain at all anymore. So that 90% percent of teens who experience back pain, even if they don't have scoliosis, should work out. Not just because of that, but also if your hands are cold, have you ever wondered why? It's because your heart isn't distributing blood as well as it could, because of the little activity we get throughout the day.

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  1. I can already see the 'toning' effect that working out is having on you and Christine has cute eyes. I sent you an email re black ballerinas. R x