Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello! I'm happy and sad to announce that I'm in Grand Canaria. I'm happy because it's an amazing place, the pool is 8 meters away from my room! I'm kind of sad also, because I'm missing my friends and someone special. Also, they rip people off for wifi. One person at a time and it takes ten minutes to turn it on, so therefore I'll be arranging posts, since my days will be more interesting I might even have two posts per day. I start my day at 08:00 with a morning swim. Then go back and dry myself and make myself ready to go out, except it would still be too early, so I'll watch criminal minds, because my awesome sister forgot to delete the episodes she preloaded. Thanks!

Here I'm at the parking after 6 hour sleep that was interrupted at least twenty times.

See anything wrong? Awesome wall I passed.

Paradise? Yep! My parents told me that I don't have to join their citeseeing, since I hate those, in fact I hate being in a car on vacation. Instead, I'll be sunbathing, swimming, shopping or at the gym. Lately, I hate the gym, but it's so addictive, because I'm loving the results! I gain weight, but lose cm's around belly, thigh, arms and calves!

Tried my nail polish I bought in November- finally!


  1. The nail colour looks good and I like the lowermost photo of you, I always think you look pretty with the woollen tube scarf. Have fun in Gran Canaria! R x

  2. What os so awesome about the wall? :p