Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hello! I'm home now, after a long day of jogging, visiting my family friends newborn twins and teaching. I lately do my best to exercise daily. I want to improve myself. It's a bit embarrassing to find it hard to open the school main entrance door, since I'm tired of being weak, I decided to train insane or remain the same. It's just a quote, I don't actually train insane, but I have noticed that I have replaced lots of fat with muscle and even walking gives me joy, because I feel giving less effort in lifting my feet, that may sound really weird, but if you get that fat loss and muscle gain in a short amount of time, you feel it. However, this working out doesn't give weight loss unless you diet or do more cardio, than strength workouts; I do both.

Lately, I'm obsessed with Dr. Martens. Please help me! However, I'm planning to go shoe shopping, because these shoes make me unimpressed by my other shoes.

Do my legs look more muscle toned?


  1. Can see the muscle toning better in your thighs. Love the top pic - your dimpled smile looks so nice. Please reply to my email as i'm not sure it's working? R x

  2. God you are so anorexic