Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why not both?

Hello! On friday, I wasn't feeling very happy, but now I'm ecstatic. Everything in life now is so perfect, well it at least feels like that and I haven't felt that for ages! I'm worry-free, stress-free and also guilt-free. Oh and another thing, one person commented that I don't take photos with my friends as much. That is very true indeed, it's bad for the camera outside at this weather and it's very scary in case it brakes. Today, I was and brave and brought it out.

Reasons I'm happy:
I got a frozen yogurt worth 11.80 euro and I paid 0euros for it. I had another smoojo gift card and I shared this baby with my friends

 2. I'm really happy with my friends, they make me feel excited about everything. If you're with me alone, I'm most likely to be calm, but if you see me alone, with no one, I'm extremely calm. That's because seeing my friends gives me positive emotions and that makes me seem energetic, so most the time people think I'm hyper, I guess it's kind of true though.

I love frozen yogurt or ice creams, I just love the idea of cold food with toppings. I also love musli with yogurt. I have phases e.g. wheat phase (crazy about toast and it's spread which are usually fruit instead), fruit phase, vegetable phase, vegan phase (like it the most, but impossible to maintain for more than 4 months) and currently I'm in my cold-dairy phase, but the only dairy products I like is yogurt, ice cream and cheese if it's on pizza.

3. I met random new people. I love walking around town with my friends and seeing original or interesting people. It's good to be different.

However this guy was a balloon artist, just look at them! They're so colourful!

 Of course they look better when they are blown and shaped. Epic smurf!

 Photobomb alert!

 Anyway Klara got one balloon bracelet for free! I guess they really liked her, because she is so kind and friendly!

 I actually want to advertisement him, because he was so kind and funny.

4. See-food diet. See food and eat it? Yup, it's an actual diet. No weighing or calorie counting. It depends on the person, but I manage to lose weight from it, because you ONLY eat the food you really crave, not what's offered. Rule: eat the things you REALLY want, crave and love. You will probably be very satisfied and in my case filled with guilt at dinner time where I don't eat as much as I used to when I skipped breakfast and lunch.

5. Remember last post? Deja-vous? I got the bag! I haven't bought a bag in ages, but I decided I should since my purse is usually bigger than my bag (I'm actually serious, my purse is average size). I also need a bigger bag for the days I work out in the gym.

6. Also something in my personal life changed and I'm really enjoying it! 


  1. What do you usually eat on a normal day? Why did you go on a vegan diet?It's kind of restrictive...

  2. Great photo bomb and interesting to see the balloon artist. R x

  3. Where's the bag from?