Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hello! A few hours ago I got home from Tenerife. My impulses kept telling me to leave. I hate being home right after traveling. It's just an awkward situation for me, since I don't know what I should do- blog or unpack? So that why I went sportswear shopping instead! Logic. I'm a person who just can't keep still, this is normal and most people are used to it.

This time, I didn't take many pictures. What's the point? Everything is beautiful! I had many beautiful photos, so I only took photos when I thought something was ironic or funny.

Like this store. It sells everything BUT bananas!

Or when people go to an overcrowded beach, where there are some nudists and most of them are the elderly! I wish I could un-see that.

I did take some photos of the sunset with factors of nature in front. I don't know why, but I love those type of photos. Whether the pretty sunsets are caused by pollution or not, I think they are pretty!

Another store. Real fruit. I find that very ironic since now even oranges are genetically modified. (E.G. pesticides, round-up and coloring agents. However, the fruit and vegetable in Tenerife tasted soo good! I ate a lot of them and I thought I would have gained 2kg; I in fact lost a kg! Moral of the story: you can eat like a pig as long as it's fruit or vegetables.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hello! Afer a crazy night out and a sleepover at a friends, I met up with Guusje! It was very nice, however I do not appreciate this weather, Lux. In two days time, I'll be in Tenerife sunbathing and missing my lovely boyfriend and friends.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello! Lately, I have dinner a lot differently, I like it that way! I just want to give you a glimpse of it.


I'm soo excited! Tomorrow is a day of 4 factors of great! My sister is going to go back and I'm so excited, then there's end of school *for two weeks*, paint party and sleepover following! I can't wait except today is a bit hard, because I have to do some cleaning up and homework.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New babies!

Hello! A rainy day like is perfect for depression! Hang on, instead of being sad, you should buy shoes! Along with other things of course. When it rains many people have all sorts of reactions, mine is a very sad one. If it snows; I'm worried, but a moment later I'm ecstatic. It the wind blows strongly; I'm distracted and annoyed due to my ears being cold and my hair going all over my face. If it's sunny; I'm very happy and fun loving. Weather can subliminally affect your mood!

 On Friday I'm going to a paint party! What should I wear? Never been to a paint party, so I don't know what you should wear.

Monday, March 18, 2013

In school, when I was bored I did three things: 1. I did a hair bun.

2. I drank 4.5L of water, learnt my lesson. That amount is way too much and gave me a headache. Ironic?

3.Wrote in my personal diary. I tend to drift of easily and if I quickly note whatever is on my mind; I keep my concentration higher. It works!


Hello! Today wasn't one of my best days. I guess I took something too much to heart. I had a few frees, lessons went well, I can text again and I got home well. What went wrong? I got hurt, but I guess I overreacted.

Kids are kids! A very valuable lesson I learnt a while ago!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey everyone! Today, at work I had a nice time. I decided to get to know my students a bit better and it went well! Otherwise today was boring. Weird. That's very weird. Usually, Sundays are very stressful, because of all the homework due. However, I don't have a lot of it and if I do, I finished them.
I decided to make resolutions:
1. Wear dresses and skirt more.
2. Get a 9 in bio on report by the end of the year. (I've been studying for it for about a month and it's going great!)
3. Make it look like I lost weight without losing any of it. Can only be done through workout.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

If only a dress could impress

Hello! I went to the gym today, met up with Emily and Nathan. We met a bear, which you saw in my previous post, is my favourite animal. We also tried special lollipops. I came home, ate some strawberries and realized I don't have any outfit photos. No worries! of to the photo studio!

Gym is paying off big time!

My camera took two photos and Emily pointed he looks like he is dancing techno.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Why is snow so great?!

Hello! I'm getting ready to go out, so here's a short post!

Not cold at all! In fact I was quite warm, although later my fingers were all red!

It's actually really relaxing just to lie in the snow and watch the birds fly by.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

When stress comes

Hello! Today, I had my big day. The bio test I've been studying for two weeks was finally there. I used lunchtime to study at the last bit. Well, the test went well, but it gave me lots of stress, so after school I have a little photoshoot with Emily. Her camera.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Barely any make up!

Hello! Sorry for yesterdays neglect. I made a vegan vegetable cake. I'm still failing miserably in a vegan diet, but cooking vegan is easier (!!!) than normal cooking. Who would have guessed? The avocados that replace butter, they are very easy to peel and prepare, butter is harder to use and more caloric.

See for yourself. If you want to say I'm wrong, look under the pictures of the ingredients, it tells the approximate accuracy.

Me personally? I prefer avocado. The taste is easily adaptable. At first, it's bad, but if you make cookies or something sweet from it, high in sugar, it tastes great. Next time, less sugar and the taste wouldn't be as different.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Colour: All the colours in a pastel shade
Food: frozen yogurtAnimal: bearRestaurant: Yoyo(Best) friend: I have a few of themType of shoe: wedges!!Style of clothing: Casual grundge or lolita girlyType of jewellery: necklaces or braceletsScent: fruity/flowery, I make my own perfumes sometimesTaste: fruity or sweetMemory: first day in secondaryClass (at school): economicsDay of the week: Friday
Month: JuneHoliday: LatviaSeason: SummerThing to do when happy: laugh and be hyperThing to do when sad: exercise, write poems or eat (bad habit I'm changing to exercise as substitue)Thing to do when angry:exercise or just get over it, I'm not an angry person, I usually feel sadness instead or angerThing to do with friends: Hang out, talk, shop or eat frozen yogurtBible verse or quote: Get fit or get fatCD:  I don't listen to cd's.. everSong: Teenage Icon- the vaccines
TV channel: Discovery channelTV show: Supersize vs SuperskinnyMovie: Food inc.Type of weather: Sunny, not windy at all and really warmWebsite: Blogger.Book: Every book I read at that moment. Now it's "just listen"Manga/anime: none, I have no interest in anime or mangaDrink: black coffee or teaHairstyle: Long and slightly wavy, I also love crazy colours, one day I'll dye my hair blonde and add pink pigment to make it baby pink.Teacher: Mr. Balloch

Church activity: I don't go to church. 
School activity: I dislike school, but I like the people and the lessons. It's the building I dislike. I like free the most, I usually study in the library and feel guilt-free and stress-free
Type of chor
es: Cooking
Gift: Surprises/ self made/ jewelry and clothesCompliment: my weightInsect: butterfly or beesFlower: lilyLetter: A
Number: 23Shape: triangleWriting topic: poemsType of music: mixed genres in one songType of books: sorrow dramaType of movies: documentaries about store managment and food deceptionBreed of cat: the ones with huge tailsBreed of dog: the little ones that look like baby bears Night time activity (before going to sleep): instagramMorning activity (to wake you up): getting dressedDesign (striped, plaid...): plain/basicTV character: Sheldon, from big bang theoryPiece of technology: My phoneEye colour (normal): Blue/ greyHair colour (normal): Brown, strands of blonde and ginger, mostly brownGemstone: TopazCookie: macademiumCandy: I don't eat candyDessert: frozen yogurt or ice creamMeat: I don’t eat meatFruit: blueberries/applesVeggie: Carrots and red bell pepperDairy product: frozen yogurt or ice creamBread product: breadCar: Range RoversOutfit: girly or urbanStore: Bik BokWater animal: DolphinInside joke: I don't know, people just laugh when I speak what's on my mind (when I'm in a great mood)Guy friend (closest): KonstantyBody type: Lean (guys)/skinny (girls)Type of phone: iPhoneType of camera: CanonType of music listening device: iPhoneWish: Eat EVERYTHING I want and have bmi 15.5 foreverChildhood toy: pokemon cardsVideo game: sims, the only game I know how to playSport: gym work outs, preferably abdominal crunchesShoe brand: mr. martensClothing brand: Bik BokEye colour (unnatural): lilacHair colour (unnatural): baby pink
Type of pj's (night gown, etc.): I just wear what I wore in the day or nothing at all, because I am too tired to look for a night gownIce cream: Strataciella Country (can't be your own country though): Singapore, never been there but it looks amazingCake: ewee, I only like my grandmothers brothers wifes cakes. LOL

Pie: never had oneThing to do alone: Read/blog and take photosThought: Thinking about when will I be gone with this survey, seriously it's getting tiringPerson to be with: myself, I like alone time sometimes
Type of chocolate: white
Emotion: Happiness
Pet: dog
Coffee-like drink: Black coffeeGum: Strong mint
Blog website: Blogger
Person to shop with: I always shop alone
Lesson learned: speak your mind
Social network account: Facebook
Makeup product: MascaraHair product: Nothings specialTime to think: NighttimeDaring thing to do: Talk to a stranger
Snow activity: snow-bathingJob: extra on filmset


Hello! Today, was a lovely day. I didn't even mind that It was snowing! I have this new necklace, that I love and won't be taking off unless I have to for a very good reason. I wanted to wear a collar and I realised that a simple, cute necklace makes the collar look very sweet!

Lately, I've been very lazy when it comes to outfits. I just don't see the point if you only go to school. If the temperature would be better, I'd try much more. In yesterdays post, I didn't wear that outfit outside. I'm always very cold, unless I do my coat-off trick, where I pretty much get so cold I don't feel it.

I also tried out these nail patches I got from Yasmine, I recommend them! So easy! Excellent if it's almost midnight and you think you should do something about you're nails. However, read the instructions! Not as easy as it looks, well at least on the first nail!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello! I rarely ever say personal things on my blog if they involve other people, but I decided that I should let this one be revealed.

So I've got a lovely boyfriend who I really love. He's the sweetest!

A few days ago it was our one month anniversary which soo lovely! I don't exactly know what to do on those type of announcements. However, I feel awkward not letting you know what I did on the Saturdays that we hung out in town or what so ever.

Photoshoot part 2

Hello! Yesterday I barely showed you anything! Not fair? Indeed! That's why I'm showing you the rest. I also failed at being a vegan in the first day. If anyone has got an advice or ingredient substitute website let me know. Oh! And also let me know what can you have instead of frozen yogurt or icecream.

This isn't a hairstyle! I was at the gym and I had two french braids that I wasn't bothered to open completely.

I love long sleeves! When you're cold, you have alternative gloves!

I honestly wish my legs looked like that :O

But they look like this!

However, I don't mind them and especially going to the gym I keep gaining weight, but everyone who noticed a change thinks I lost weight. 

That's because muscle weighs much more than fat. So basically I have little fat and a lot of muscle. I'm content!

My beautiful friend, who never lets me take photos of her. Sorry!

New facebook cover photo.