Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cara Delevingne and a zebra sky

Hello! A while ago I realized that many people are talking about this new model. I thought to myself: "big deal". She actually turned out to be this hilarious and gorgeous model, who is actual 176cm tall! Correct me if I'm wrong, but model agencies usually accept from 175cm. Lately, I've been looking at her instagram all the time.

In the morning I got a call from my friend, who I was supposed to hang out with today, but we decided to go to gym instead. I love going to the gym. It's amazing really. When people get stressed, which I do, they can do two things better than usual: eat and exercise. Be careful! This can be dangerous! You can either get very fit or fat. That's why going to the gym is very important, emotional eating is bad, but emotional exercise is good. Instead of a fat belly, I have a flat one with abs. Moral: go to the gym.

Lately I'm making lots of vegan food and I love it! I told you in last post. I know. However, the vegan culinary story isn't anywhere near the end!

Tomorrow, I go to kinetherapy and (guess)... [The gym]

I promised my friend who recently started a blog, that I would show it of to you as long as she doesn't neglect her blog. She didn't! In fact, I'm always reading and surprised she didn't give up. I have started a blog many times and this is the only one I actually kept on writing! Click on the photo to go to her blog!


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  1. I like your camouflage jacket and you have an awesome smile :D