Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day in town and cure for growth troubles and acne!

Hello! Today, I had a great day! I am lately exhausted and feeling very dizzy, but that doesn't matter. I'm the giggly and hyper girl (although exhausted, I know it doesn't make sense). I was at the dentist or orthodentist to check up my wisdom teeth, that will have to be pulled out unless I grow in bone mass and heigth to make some space for the wisdom teeth. Those pairs are apperantly most painful to pull out and after my incisor pull-out trauma, I'm terrified of the idea. Therefore, I am going onto vitamin supplements! D vitamin helps you ingest calcium and for whatever reason I need A and C vitamin also. However, since I didn't make proper research I'll use multi-vitamins. They have more vitamins and mineral, so why not have many other 3?! I have already tried some and I grew 2cm in a week! May not be very impressive, but at the nurse office everyone was excitedly telling how much they grew, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. In 3 years I grew -3cm! That's right! I shrunk one cm every year! I did not know that was possible. I also don't like dairy products unless it's icecream or yogurt. Which has actually nothing to do with growth! Critisize my knowledge of this. However I do have the right calcium amounts (I actually had a bloodtest a while ago) and it showed stable amounts of everything except vitamin D. I of course prefer the safe side, so I'll just go to multi vitamins. I know that they aren't very good, but if you have them once every 3 to 5 days, it should be OK.

This is pretty much my only dairy food! However I've heard many times that dairy actually strengthens acne! Not very good news, huh? Well, I dislike dairy products (except yogurt treats) and I never get acne. I used to a little bit when I was still drinking milk and used butter.

In town, I keep seeing artists who paint those paintings and sell them for quite a cheap price. Are they actually really painted or just a really well replicate, because I also see similar ones around town.

I haven't been taking my camera with me lately, because I'm not really bothered. Now, it's getting lighter and brighter, so there can be better quality photos.



  1. I think you are tired from being so busy and also hormones maybe. Can you not try to find a food you like that contains vitamin D etc? Everything I read about multi-vitamins says they are not much good and so maybe a waste of money? I am glad the nicer weather is coming as I think you take really good photos. R x

  2. Gorgeous, as usual. :)
    Oh, and just wondering, does a friend take photos of you, or is it a timer...?

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