Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Iphone covers

Hello! Sorry for updating this late, but I forgot I didn't post anything. I wish I had brought my camera today when I met my friends, it was quite fun and I wanted to go ice cream crazy with Johanna. We bought 5 ice cream balls, which I think weren't enough, and we shared it. Exploring tastes made me realize how sick ice cream can make you feel. It put me of ice cream for two whole hours! It's a bit weird. Everything I eat has to be: bio, vegan, vegetarian and preferably vegetables or fruit, unless it's ice cream  That's my weakness. I don't like this habit and I want to stop.

WARNING: informative text about nutrition, may be boring for some!

Ice cream these days is made from [insert rude swear word] and that's nicely said. Hydrogenated vegetable oil? Sounds healthy? Imagine margerine left out on a summer day mixed with mayonaise, that's is how hydrogenated vegetable oil looks like. It's very gross and can make you fat-wise obese even if you are skinny (abdominal fat). Click here for some info on MSG, if you care, but if you get headaches or weakness a lot I recommend you to read it!

Lately I have a shopping crush on iphone covers, now I only have four. That's not as much, but I'm finding it hard to resist buying new ones! In clothing stores they have the best ones in my opinion, because they are pretty, not oily at all, cute and cheap!

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  1. I have a weakness for ice cream too. Haagen Das is my favourite. The iphone covers with the cats ears really look cool and protect the corners if you drop them. R x