Sunday, March 10, 2013

Photoshoot part 2

Hello! Yesterday I barely showed you anything! Not fair? Indeed! That's why I'm showing you the rest. I also failed at being a vegan in the first day. If anyone has got an advice or ingredient substitute website let me know. Oh! And also let me know what can you have instead of frozen yogurt or icecream.

This isn't a hairstyle! I was at the gym and I had two french braids that I wasn't bothered to open completely.

I love long sleeves! When you're cold, you have alternative gloves!

I honestly wish my legs looked like that :O

But they look like this!

However, I don't mind them and especially going to the gym I keep gaining weight, but everyone who noticed a change thinks I lost weight. 

That's because muscle weighs much more than fat. So basically I have little fat and a lot of muscle. I'm content!

My beautiful friend, who never lets me take photos of her. Sorry!

New facebook cover photo.

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  1. Meldra your legs are perfect! Soo thin! I love the hairstyle simple but cute. I also love the picture with the sunglasses super cute! And for someone who wont let you take any pictures you did a pretty good job,really nice photo. Why doesnt she let you take any more would love to see more