Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hello! A few hours ago I got home from Tenerife. My impulses kept telling me to leave. I hate being home right after traveling. It's just an awkward situation for me, since I don't know what I should do- blog or unpack? So that why I went sportswear shopping instead! Logic. I'm a person who just can't keep still, this is normal and most people are used to it.

This time, I didn't take many pictures. What's the point? Everything is beautiful! I had many beautiful photos, so I only took photos when I thought something was ironic or funny.

Like this store. It sells everything BUT bananas!

Or when people go to an overcrowded beach, where there are some nudists and most of them are the elderly! I wish I could un-see that.

I did take some photos of the sunset with factors of nature in front. I don't know why, but I love those type of photos. Whether the pretty sunsets are caused by pollution or not, I think they are pretty!

Another store. Real fruit. I find that very ironic since now even oranges are genetically modified. (E.G. pesticides, round-up and coloring agents. However, the fruit and vegetable in Tenerife tasted soo good! I ate a lot of them and I thought I would have gained 2kg; I in fact lost a kg! Moral of the story: you can eat like a pig as long as it's fruit or vegetables.


  1. I always love how you look in that mint green shirt and, as usual, you are devastating in a short skirt <333 R x

  2. I LOVE your skirt!!!!
    You're so gorgeous Meldra <3xx