Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello! Today, I achieved something new, nothing special. However, it did mean something to Guusje and I. We went to Chapter 1. It's a bookstore in Belair. That's quite hard to find by bus. Maybe not for some, but it certainly was for us. I have a fever, I honestly don't care. Fevers come and pass. I don't get sick, this must be stress. That's how I think about fevers, colds and many other illnesses, except chronic ones like cancer or liver failure. I think that time is valuable, the worst thing you can do is waste someones time, because they'll never get it back. That's why instead of lying in my bed being half-dead I went to town. I used an ancient Latvian remedy for fevers, it worked! This photo was from today, do I look sick? No! That's why I'm never absent from school unless I'm in a different country. 

This is not the book I bought, but I thought it looked rather funny. The cashier was very kind, in fact everyone today was very kind! The bus driver, the florist and pedestrians! I bought English work books for my students, I don't like print outs, they're quite a hassle. The cashier gave use chocolate and advice with routes. I told you! Kindness.

Did you know that mannequins show a lot about the store? They are the image of the store front. If any mannequin is armless or lying on the ground then the staff is having troubles, therefore you may have to wait in a line. If a mannequin is faceless the store is probably popular and doesn't want any risks, perhaps that also means there will be a line. It all depends if it's a rush hour. These mannequins appear snobby? Well, that could mean that it's an expensive store, without lines and most likely high quality. I checked and I was right!
This information has no sources. It's only my observation.

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  1. You have the most wonderful smile in the top photo and I agree with your observations about the mannequins.