Monday, April 1, 2013

Last one about Tenerife!

Hello! Today was another boring day! I wish Lux decided to have the busses ans stores working on holidays. I bet there are some people who maybe need the money and actually want to work then. In Latvia no matter what day, even Sundays, everything is open. Maybe not ZARA, but that's the only store I noticed closed. Tomorrow, I'll meet Guusje and then I'll have some new photos!


  1. Skaistas rotas:)

  2. Wow...what a great look. I love the off the shoulder dress and the way you have your hair on one side means that the two together give an almost ancient Greece look. The bracelets are really cool too. It's a really successful ensemble and you look truly beautiful :-) R x

  3. Most people get when there is a national holiday....