Friday, April 5, 2013


Hello! Today was a lovely day! I went to town with Maria and got some extras for my moms birthday. I got balloons, so when I came home fashionably late, it would look cooler. It worked! I came home with many balloons, the gift and card.

My comfort outfit. Ahh! I love my doc martens, it's like walking on clouds.

My hair was in a pony tail with a big bow, that my mom got me as a present a while ago. Love it!

I wasn't very bothered to go for a parka or trench coat. This coat is far to comfortable.

Let me know if you want to see the gift, but there's a chance I won't show it even with a request, because I don't know if it would be correct to post a gift. My conscience will let me know :)


  1. I like the white top, it goes really well with the black skinny jeans and parka. The hair bow is so cute too. R x

  2. where did you buy that t-shirt?:)