Saturday, May 4, 2013

A spring breeze

Hello! I've been finally going to the gym enough to prove that it's not a phase and get my membership! I'm soo happy about that. My first membership card had a bad image and the name Melda Vaserinna, so I asked for a new photo and name. They were soo kind and apologized. 

Later I went to Q45 with my Sebby. We played pool until the rest came. Eventually there was a lot of people.

I love going to the gym although I hate exercise. No matter how much you hate it feels amazing. I've been eating like a lot yet my body is improving, apparently.

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  1. You look much better now. You do not look fat (not even close, you're still skinny) but you look way better than you did when you worried a lot about your weight and ate little. You're such an inspiration for me. I just want to feel as healthy as you do and I want to love my body. Thank you Meldra for making me want to change my lifestyle :)