Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's never too late

Hello! Today, I was in town with Klara and I did something I wanted to do for a very long time. I wore.. a dress outside! I have been so insecure about it before, but today I thought: "why not? I've got nothing to lose." I'm quite proud to face all my fears this year: small spaces, insects, being in a forest, doing the things I always wanted to and wear the thing I wanted to. Last week when I had school, I decided to bring my heelys (shoes with wheels on heels) and ride them. Try it! It feels great to finally do the things you thought you can't do.

From now on I will:
-update everyday
-work on having new looks everytime

Let's see for how long I can go!  :D


  1. aawwe you're so beautiful!!! It was very funny when you took those shoes to school I laughed a lot xD <3<3

  2. I don't get why you didn't wear dresses outside. You have the amaziest body and you're really gorgeous that everything suits you. I'm proud of you even if I don't know you :) And this dress looks amazing on you btw

  3. Beautiful....absolutely beautiful! R x