Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Profile dilemma

Hello! Today, I was at Emily R's with a bunch of other girls and my, oh my! I love her clothes! It was basically an event where she sold her clothes. I'll show them to you tomorrow. They are gorgeous! I got a lot of things for a cheap price! I've very happy about it!

It's time for a new profile photo! I'm soon going to post some portraits of last and this time, those will be my choices for the new profile photo! Yes, I do take facebook profile photos very seriously. I don't like to change my profile photo regularly, because that's your web face, if it changes too quickly, people won't recognize it instantly anymore. Also, I hate having lots of facebook photos. People look. They're bored, so they look at random peoples wall, photos and albums. There's also a phrase for it: "facebook stalking." I don't like those quotes under photos, because usually they are not written with love or deep meaning, but with COPY and PASTE. Not very poetic.

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  1. Rock chick vibes and looking cool, R x