Thursday, August 15, 2013

Latvia Haul

Well my time here would soon come to an end! This year I didn't buy as much things as I did before, simply, because I don't need it. I did treat myself a bit, but mostly the other things I bought were vitamins and healthy henna hair dye in pretty much every colour that could be thought of as natural. I had to go to driving lessons and theory lessons a lot! About 6 hours a week of theory and 3 hours of the driving! I think I'm well prepared for school, since I kind of went to a 'school.' 

There are a lot of earphones there and I found this awesome 2 in 1 earphone wire so if you want to listen to music with your friend you won't have to be uncomfortably sitting close or worrying about bacteria, see if you can spot it!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the nail spray! I never heard of anything like that before. If you spray it on a coat of wet nail polish, it would become completely dry. I'm quite proud that I didn't give in to the make up cravings and haven't bought useless nail varnish, foundation or eyebrow balm (that atually exists!) The eyeshadow box you see there consists of 3 floors and it has blush, brushes and foundation all in one little box. If only you knew how stressful it was for me to think about how my urban decay eyeshadows would survive the flight. So that one little box would be perfect for trips or just leaving the house, the only things it's missing is mascara and eye liner. 

 However, that's not all I got! I'll snow you next post ;)

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  1. Lovely haul! You got some really cool pieces. I looove that bag.